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A short film detailing the coming of Christ.


In the beginning, He spoke. And out of the darkness, the Light came. We lived in the light, but not for long In the shadows of perfection, loomed darkness


As children of light we abandoned our sweet inheritance, Children of darkness we became in our arrogance. What had we done?


Wandering through this desert of the soul He was there, never leaving us, promising to guide. But in our sin, we remained for so many years Rejecting His providence, putting it aside.


Sin terminated the security of life but,


A sight of shepherds. A host of angels. A star of radiance. A journey of wise-men. A manger of humility. A child is born.


Nothing was quite the same, For then, the Light came.


Producers: Public Church Cody Disney Todd Stevison

Director: Mitchell Hartley

Writers: Kristi Edwards Mitchell Hartley

Narrator: John Mburu

Actors: Joannah Beckler Trey Manor

Grip: Tessa Voccola

Audio Editor: William Vest