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Your Love is Enough

Your Love is Enough

Summer 2015


Its funny how a song can remind you of the most important things in life.
This is the case with a new song called “Your Love is Enough” by Jon Foreman.

In this crazy world that we live in, our culture continually tries to fill our lives with unnecessary junk and tries to bring our attention from two of the most important things in the universe: God and His love for us.

Only He can satisfy our longings.
Only He can wash our doubts away.
Only He can save us from our follies.
To say one does not struggle with having worldly desires and doubts would be a lie. Everyone struggles. Everyone sins.

But His love. It is ALWAYS enough.
Whether we face depression, loneliness, darkness, or opposition.
He will always find us and He will always love us.
He continually covers us in it, even when we don’t deserve it.

His love is, has been, and will always be enough.
He is our harbor in our lonely storms.
He is our refuge in our darkest moments.

Stop listening to what the world is trying to sell to you or tell you what you need.
His love is enough.